Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Yeeee - Haa I'm on a roll now guys!!!

3 posts in one night I bet ya can't believe it!!  Lol No?   well neither can I lol
So card number 3 - here it is!!
 A gardening theme card was wanted for a friends dad but wanted something that wasnt fany but just simple so this is what i came up with!  Card topper from a mens collection done by Kanban the green card was from my bit box as i thought it went well with the topper.   The large round brad type bits i have made by just punching from a 3/4" circle punch then embossing  the back of it to give it the domed look.  Just thought its something different!
Happy crafting guys and you may now relax from your shocked state from all these posts as this is the last one for tonight x   Thanks for looking and please leave me a comment so i know you have passed by!
Hev x

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  1. ok, so it has taken me a few minutes to compose myself and pick myself back up from the floor, i have rubbed my eyes....twice,checked my glasses were in fact clean....and turned the pooter on and off to make sure i wasn't hallucinating :) :) oh and they are all totally gorgeous hun!!! love them all, especially the paper a la hev, sooo pretty.huge hugs Lou xxxx