Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A change was needed!!!

So while my lil fella was having a sleep today I was looking at my Diary and thought it needed a makeover!!   I went on a craft retreat in Yorkshire at the weekend and I just love the papers we had in our goodie bags so I decided to put my last fave sheet of 12x12 into good use!  Here is the result I hope you think it looks good just like I do!   :0)

Thanks for looking and popping by xx
Crafty Hugs,
Hev xx


  1. Ummmm just seen that the pictures have come out on their side!! Sorry folks if you get neck ache!!
    Hev x

  2. Gorgeous diary makeover Hev - I love the paper set too I will be sad to see mine used up! Fab to meet you this weekend x

  3. Love it hun, and what a good way to tart a cheep diary upand make a fab gift.Oh and the papers look wonderful x

  4. Thanks Janet and Dee!!! Yes I am sooooo in love with these papers I so wish they sold this floral pattern seperate!!! :0) Great to meet you too Janet xx