Monday, 30 April 2012

Its been a while!!!

Morning folks!  Well its been a while since my last few posts.  Im just fiding a little hectic with my two little fellas to be doing may cards.  As the weather is so horrid it means we have been doing things indoors which has also kept me busy...but if the sun is shinning they want to be out on their bikes which gives me some craft time SO.... BRING ON THE SUNSHINE!  :0)  Anyway all fun and games!   So I have been inspired to make a card like this as my friend Fi made me one like this for my birthday and it was the best ever design!!   So just had to get my head around it and get one made myself!!  After making some that folded the wrong way and having bits smaller one side than the other I got it sorted out (with a few more grey hairs than when i started i can tell you!!!) Here it is!  I even used accetate to make some wobbly hearts and that a first too!! x

Thanks for popping by and checking out my blog see you again soon xx


  1. oooh its beautiful hev, love the hearts.
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  2. Oh what a lovely card, very pretty bet they loved it. Thanks for the lovely comment only the best for my hev :).
    Fi xx

  3. Oh so your best friend made you one like this for your birthday how lovely.
    Well i think you have made a great job with this one,love the colour x

  4. Well Hi guys its like meeting up with the gang on here this morning!!! Thanks for the comments I have just been a bit manic lately so thought i would do a post on here so you did not think i had gone to the moon!!! :0)